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Makeup Masterclass Review by Rebecca Vassallo of

February 2017

London Beauty Artists have teamed up with a celebrity make-up artist to deliver a series of masterclasses. These classes are for anyone, from beginners to those who would like to refine their make-up to A-list level. And is there better way to do this then under the direction of an artist who has worked with Beyonce and London Fashion Week?

This class is perfect if you want to develop the skills necessary to apply a flawless natural everyday look appropriate for your skin tone and eye-shape. Regardless of how confident in your make-up skills you are I assure you that you will still learn heaps. To start with the make-up artist demonstrates the look on a model. While doing so she explains the techniques to apply a smooth flawless base, the concept of colour correction and the application of a natural smokey eye and winged liner that suits your eye shape.

Following this demonstration, it’s your turn to try the eye look yourself. This is a good opportunity to get tips on your application techniques and what works most for you. Each person attending this class gets a goodie bag which includes the products needed to create the eye look from brands that include Urban Decay and 3ina. The make-up artist goes around the class and helps everyone individually. When everyone is satisfied, and has got the help necessary, it is question time. This is the point where you can ask anything that has been troubling you about make-up.

I had the opportunity to attend this class too. Generally, I’d say that make-up skills are quite good but I still learnt a huge lot from this session. One of my issues with make-up application is creating a flawless base, especially since I suffer from acne and have for a long time which means besides spots I also have quite a bit of scarring. I got the opportunity to be shown by a make-up artist what products I specifically need and how to colour correct properly. The result was stunning and I couldn’t be any happier.

There is no restriction to these classes; Any age, any skin tone and any skin type. I would recommend anyone to sign up for this amazing masterclass. So, go ahead and take your questions with you because it is not every day that you get the opportunity to be answered by a celebrity make-up artist. At the end of the session you will also be given the opportunity to sign up for another class on Contouring and Highlighting for a massive discount; £39 from £150. Sign up now, you won’t regret it.

P.S. You also get a glass of fizz! What are you waiting for?

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