The beauty teams that will be backstage at Graduate Fashion Week, led by 3ina with team members from London Beauty Artists, held beauty tutorials last week – it’s sure to be a great chance to get a sneak preview of the make-up and hair looks on the catwalk at GFW!

London Beauty Artists will also be supporting us at GFW, with LBA's lead artist Seema Sheri working closely with 3ina's lead artist Anne-Sophie Costa. London Beauty Artists (LBA) represents highly qualified, experienced and insured Makeup Artists, Beauticians and Hair Stylists.

"LBA live for makeup! We stay on trend so you do. Any service or occasion – we’ve got you! Our experts even teach & our courses suit all. We’re super excited to be part of GFW 17!"

It’s fantastic to have 3ina behind our backstage beauty for Graduate Fashion Week! We are huge fans of the brand’s vivid colours and of their professionalism, which we saw when we worked with them last year. Having such an exciting and fresh make up brand as our sponsor will definitely help give graduates the finishing touch to their collections.

"The 3INA vision is to challenge the one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. Color is our language. We believe beauty should be bold. We believe it should be fun. We believe it should give you the confidence to try new and different things. It’s about empowering and enhancing, not distracting and masking. Oh, and it's pronounced MEE-NAH."

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